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Lansford #9 Mine Second Level

We recently had the opportunity to take a tour of the #9 mine in lansford that you normally can't take. Our friend John Fauzio hooked us up with the foreman, Greg, who took us on an amazing tour of the second level. On the tour they give you can walk across the shaft and look down to the landing for the cage at the second level. We were taken to that landing. We made our way down the muleway up to the shaft landing. From there we walked to the end of the gangway where we split off and headed over to the pumping shaft. Over at the pumping shaft the steam engine still remains that ran the pumps to bring the water up from the lower levels to the water tunnel. From there we went down a few other tunnels where the trolley wire is still intact. There were several sets of wheels and axles still on the rails. The Second level is a pretty amazing place and we found it neat you can hear the mine train through 200 feet of rock as it exits on the level above. So here are the Pictures that you won't be able to see anywhere else!

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