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Mahanoy City - Mining Town

When we went to Mahanoy City for the second trip to the St. Nicholas breaker we decided this town deserves its own story. The first thing one notices upon entering Mahanoy City is the notorious row houses lining the main street. Each has its own design and is unique in its own way. Numerous small businesses occupy the first floors of these buildings. Traveling further down the road, we noticed that a few of the row houses had been knocked down to create room for an apartment complex. (Ed. Note: We recently received an e-mail stating that an old hotel had burned down where the apartment complex now stands. Houses weren't knocked down as we originally thought). After making many wrong turns up one-way streets, we came across a school building. The concrete steps leading up to it were extremely steep. I feel bad for the children who have to walk up these everyday. Next we went to the breaker that is still active just outside town but before the St. Nick. We drove the jeep up the culm pile and found an old drag-line. There was an old broken bucket and some other aged parts. While walking to the drag-line we were discussing how the St. Nick got its power since we didn't see any powerhouse yet. Then looking over the hill, Carissa saw a large active breaker with the old St. Nick powerhouse just in front of it. So back to the jeep and on to the powerhouse we went.

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