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Mantrip Car

We recently acquired this Mantrip car from the B&M Tunnel in Goodsprings. it is in excellent condition, but i guess it should be it was just used last in 1987! We were informed that the B&M tunnel equiptment is going to be scrapped in the fall of 06 so we made contact with the owners and got permission to take this nice piece to add to our collection. it has spring suspention and roller bearings and can be pushed down the track fairly easily by hand! Im not sure if this is going in the shop next or if we are going to rebuild a wooden coal car first. Regardless if its restored or not i'm sure next summer we will be hauling lots of rides in this baby with either our electric locomotive, or the next suprize we are receiving. Thanks to RPM Rigging of columbus Ohio for transporting the car for us on their way to NYC to pick up a trolley car from Portugal. They have some pictures loading it up.

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