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Mining Links

Capt'n Clint's Breaker Page - Many coal breaker pictures.

Centralia PA Website - Official Centralia website.

Centralia, PA - Pictures and info on Centralia.

Chervenitski Coal - Anthracite Coal Delivery. Also has pictures.

Costenbaders Junkyard A Junkyard

Forgotten Scranton - Great pictures to compliment ours.

Infiltration - The 'zine about going places you're not supposed to go.

JK Dey & Sons - Carbide lamp and mining safety equipment manufacturer.

Manganese Exposure Lawsuit - Some side effects of exposure to manganese while mining include Parkinson's Disease and manganism.

Miner's Advice - Great site about mining.

The Mining Institute - Custodians Of The Industry's Heritage

Nevada Mine Explorers - They explore Nevada's rich mining heritage.

Pioneer Tunnel - Pioneer Tunnel Mine Tour. Ashland PA.

Southern West Virginia Coal Fields - Pictures and history of the West Virginia bituminous area.

Western PA Coal Fields - Pictures and history of the Pennsylvania bituminous area.

WE Racing Wharton/Ebersole Racing - A site dedicated to the memory of Tom Wharton.

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