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Eimco Model 21 Rocker Shovel "Mucker"

We purchased this "mucker",as they are known, from the old Mercury Slope Coal Co. in Heggins PA in the winter of 07. We were going to use it to load rock in an advancement at Pioneer Tunnel, however that project got delayed. So now we have relocated it closer to complete work on it. Now its located at the No. 9 Mine tour in Lansford. This piece of equipment doesn't need too much work to get running; it needed new cables, air attach fittings and a shut off valve. Our friends at RPM Rigging and Ohio Vintage Coal Co. are manufacturing us new cables and we are installing the new air fittings soon. It was in perfect running condition, or so we were told, when we bought it so we will see what happens when we fire it up for the first time. This is a Compressed air powered machine and right now the No.9 mine is the only location that has a compressor capable to run it. Next year we have some ideas for it there and when the project goes through at pioneer we will contract it out to them. Good thing is its 42" gauge and thats what the 2 mine tours are. If you come out to Lansford this summer be sure to ask about our "Mucker" Project!


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