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The Reclamation of Slope 179

Unfortunately this mine has succumbed to the fate of many a mine in the Scranton area. This was the last mine in which the total layout was intact. Besides the slope opening, the wooden and steel tipple stood, there was a fan house, air compressor building, engine house with hoist intact and a few mine cars outside. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission thought it a good place to install an emergency access road through the property. Which i think is totally insane since one more mile up the road there is another overpass in which there is already a ramp going up to, its just grass and needs to be paved. Instead they condemned the land from the owner, gave him hardly what the property was worth and knocked everything down, except the fan house since it wasn't on the land they needed. Fortunately for us we found out about this and talked to the demolition team who was scrapping the tipple. They saved the Sheave wheel off of the top of the tipple for us. They said they hated destroying it but its their job. Well another one for the history books.

Lehman No. 179 Slope 1988-91 By Bob Sable.





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