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Added The Oak Hill Tunnel of the Philadelphia & Reading, Coal & Iron Co. we had the opportunity to document and research this mine in the early to mid 2000s.


Wow, nearly a year since an update. I really apologize for a lack of newness here. guess we are all busy however we are still here! For the first time in quite awhile we are offering some new Abandoned Mine Photos to share with you from The Coaldale No. 8 Mine

in the Southern Anthracite Field. This mine was recently stripped through destroying it forever. Seems a good time to pay honor to everyone who was employed there throughout its long history!

Also, when digging through our archives to post up these photos, we found several other mines that haven't made it to the website yet. I'll get them up soon, and it won't take a year. I promise!


We are excited to announce that together with Ohio Vintage Coal Company we teamed up to save a6 Ton General Electric Storage Battery Locomotive

from the scrappers torch! This all came about right before Christmas. This should be an exciting although slightly slow project compared to others in the past. much work has to be done and most of it will be out at OVCC's shop in Ohio where it will under go a full restoration to running condition. what a way to start the new year! stay tuned!

also stand by, i am going through our mining archives to get some new photos up on the site soon!


Wow. A whole year without updates. Well for those that follow along on our forum i guess you can see what we have been up to but sorry for the lack of updates here lately. We have been extremely busy in other ventures and also have found some time to do some "researching" anyways heres a little update on what we have been up to.......


Banks has had quite the life the past year. worked a gold mine in Alaska, Worked a Silver mine in Idaho, and returned back to the anthracite. He was working the 7 foot slope in New Philadelphia, but is now working a mine in Goodsprings. In the mean time he has been entertaining his g/f along with some other news that we will let him share someday..... hehe.

Hanging out at the plane races

Banks' classic saturn during the flood


Well guess this is my turn. Ive spent every spare minute working on the competition aerobatic biplane im building. In my spare time i entertain the wife...hehe, and do get out to a mine every now and again. Been spending alot of time doing acro training and getting some time in a russian fighter jet.... oh yea!!

Short clip of me flying the Extra 300L

John K.

John has bounced around the country touring various mining sites over the past year, to settle back to State College where he is taking some Mining Engineering courses at Penn State. In his spare time John chases his 2 dogs around trying to keep them under control and blasts all over the rails of northeast and central PA on one of his 2 rail speeders! These are a ton of fun!

Mike A.

Mike is currently still trying to unearth all the anthracite humanly possible out of Hazleton at Jeddo Coal Co. Mike recently got a pretty sweet ride, a new Dodge Challenger. Mike uses it to attempt to find that perfect 80s woman rocking a huge head of hair while listening to Cinderella and Poison...... and i swear his hair is getting longer in the back but stays short on the top...... sorry Mike, I had to.....

Adam Z.

Adam and his g/f recently bought a house in Archbald. It was built by a mining engineer for the Hudson Coal Co. at Gravity Slope Colliery. Wouldnt you know it, with Adam's luck his first project at the house was to hook the house up to the city sewer and not the borehole down to the mines it was built with!!!


Todd has been busy working and refinishing his house as well. We havent done many trips or gatherings with Todd lately and will have to change that.

Mike S.

Mike is also busy working at a hospital and still gets out on occasion to check out mine sites.


Gary again, is busy with work however finds some play time to monkey around with R/C airplanes and vehicles, as well as dirtbiking with Mike S.

The rest of the crew is still pretty active running around the anthracite region. We have added several biographies to the UGM Group so check them out. Its good to get some new blood in here. We have 3 members of our group that are tour guides at the lackawanna mine tour. Each one of them gives a great tour, if you stop in next season and you get one mention the website, ask them and im sure they will add some experience stories to the tour!

Also, a great thing happened this year. We teamed up with and made some great friends over at AbandonedMines.net What a great group of guys, they are just like us in almost every way! We have had some great times with those guys. Now between UGM, IM and ABM we have quite the resource and knowledge to find and answer virtually anything!

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